Scientific research

Research, a fundamental activity of the Bioenergy Factory, and the reason for its being incardinated within the Polytechnic of Milan. The research

projects are financed by competitive calls brought to the attention of the Bioenergy Factory by private and public entities.

There are several innovative themes of great interest with general effects currently active:

  • BMP: biomethane potential production measurement 
  • Treatments to increase anaerobic degradability
  • Applicability of the Anammox Process
  • Producing algae from digestate
  • Dark Fermentation
  • Modeling and control
  • Biomethane by hydrogenotrophic methanogenesis (Video)


The main research projects, scientific publications and collaborations between Fabbrica della Bioenergia and national and international bodies are:

  • Projects
  • Scientific pubblications
  • Collaborations with Italian and foreign bodies