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The Biogas Study Course and Tour will take place in the Cremona Campus of Politecnico, in 3 edition: 18/19 May 2015, 6/7 July 2015, 12/13 October 2015. For more information please click at this link.



Bioenergy Factory is a knowledge center placed in Cremona, in Northern Italy (Lombardy Region).

The project began as a public private partnership initiative, led by local government (Provincia di Cremona) and co-funded by Cariplo Foundation. Other founding partners of Bioenergy Factory are: Politecnico di Milano (scientific and operative member), Chamber of Commerce of Cremona, ERSAF (Lombardy Regional Agency for Research in Agriculture) and Cremona Municipality.

The activity is mainly divided into three interconnected areas. All of them are focused on promoting Bioenergy development, achieving efficiency and enhancing potential energy produced by biomass, without compromising local vocations and environmental equilibrium.

RESEARCH activity aims to increase anaerobic biodegradability and improve treatability of organic matrices, to get better energy performance from plants and develop new techniques in order to remove ammonia from digestate.

SERVICE activity enables stake-holders (plant owners, plant producers, certification authorities, etc) to solve issues like: process optimization, assessment and audit duties, start-up and management through dedicated process models, routine analyses, feasibility studies, machine testing and inspection, surveys and censuses, etc.

The strategic role of the OBSERVATORY consists in acknowledging specific local needs, thanks to dedicated Group of experts and thematic working tables. Ongoing issues are evaluating environmental, economic e social impacts, monitoring of technology progress and of best practices in the industry, proposals to address technological, legislative and administrative decision. The Observatory works as well on dissemination, information and TRAINING for the results of the project.



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La Fabbrica della Bioenergia

Politecnico di Milano - Polo di Cremona

Via Sesto, 39-41 - 26100 Cremona

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